2008 -- Illuminating Urban Excellence: A Movement of Change within Mathematics Education


  • Lou Edward Matthews




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Author Biography

Lou Edward Matthews

Dr. Lou Edward Matthews is the Director of Educational Standards and Accountability for the Bermuda Department of Education. A former assistant professor of mathematics education in the College of Education at Georgia State University, his work as a public scholar, commentator, organizer, writer, speaker, and consultant has focused on excellence, innovation, and leadership in education at local, national, and international levels in the United States and Bermuda for the past 20 years. Dr. Matthews continues to conduct research both nationally and internationally and has published in several notable international journals. His research focuses on how teachers incorporate visions of culturally relevant teaching into practice, as well as with the critical examination of mathematics reform ideology, Black masculinity and schooling, and teacher experiences in the context of reform. He has served as a member of several national committees including the Emerging Issues Committee and the Equity Coalition of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Dr. Matthews is a past President of the Benjamin Banneker Association(2007-2009), a national non-profit organization advocating excellence in mathematics for Black students. Dr. Matthews is co-founder and founding editor-in-chief of the Journal of Urban Mathematics Education (JUME).