Happy Holidays


As we conclude a year that one day may be referred to as year that will live in infamy, it was certainly the year that challenged us all from health to equity, from policing and racial unrest and from fear and mistrust, therefore, I pray that we will come together as a community of scholars in 2021 and start the turnaround in all these areas. Regardless of all the facts, and I have never been so challenged about using the word facts, it has been an eventful year. I am sure we have all experienced some joys but definitely more than our fair share of sorrows. As a journal we can only thrive with the support of authors, readers, and reviewers. As we strive to maintain the high standards (11.1% acceptance rate for 2020) for JUME we want to be known in our community as supporting diverse perspectives on mathematics education clearly set in the urban condition. But most importantly we want to be known for our kind and thoughtful reviews that even when the decision is to reject a manuscript, the author feels heard and respected throughout the process. Our new metrics show us that JUME is reaching a broad and diverse audience with a strong spike in both first time reads and downloads of author manuscripts.

Keep writing, Keep submitting, and Keep Reviewing. 

Some of our JUME joys in 2020 were we selected an editorial board, moved to a modern open-access platform, received the coveted Green Check Mark from the Directory of Open Access Journals, and became a SCOPUS-indexed journal. Although we are in our inaugural year with SCOPUS and will not earn our first metrics for 12 months, we continue to seek to publish the newest ideas from authors pushing the limits in urban mathematics teaching and learning and to get them published in the highest quality journal we can build.